Posted on Jun 26, 2018

Valdez Team at Ringler - Structured Settlements in Las Vegas

Critical Benefits of a Structured Settlement to the Injured Party

The work of a personal injury attorney is extremely rewarding. Not only are you fighting for the little guy & seeking justice for your client(s), you are also paving the way towards making a human being whole again. The hardest battle is certainly defending your client(s) & fighting for their settlement award. However, there is also another battle that must be won – and that has do with securing the future of the client(s), making sure that everything is put into place to keep that person whole for the rest of their life. While we do have a slight bias on how that may be done, we can all agree that by relentlessly fighting and helping the client(s) win both of the battles mentioned above – that is where true seeking of justice is found.

I’d like to make the case for Structured Settlements in the following paragraphs, specific to the point mentioned above – that truly seeking justice for the client has to do with both (1) fighting for their settlement award & (2) securing their future. Ultimately, if both of these are not achieved, it would be impossible to truly make one’s client(s) whole again.

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